01-ncsu-01Real-time Cyber Knowledge Platform for Web ThreatsAlexandros KapravelosSpring 2019
01-ncsu-02Near Real-time Analytics on Embedded Edge Computing DevicesRaju VatsavaiSpring 2019
01-ncsu-03Creating a Comprehensive Climate Dataset for Realtime Analytics with Applications to Seasonal Hurricane PredictionLian XieSpring 2019
02-ncsu-01Data Access and Governance over a Shared LedgerMunindar SinghFall 2019
03-ncsu-01A Demonstration of Real-time Analytics in Seasonal Hurricane PredictionLian XieSpring 2020
03-ncsu-02A Framework for Self-Sovereignty and Controlled Analytics via BlockchainAlessandra ScafuroSpring 2020
03-ncsu-03Real-time Monitoring the Evolution of the WebAlexandros KapreavelosSpring 2020
04-ncsu-04Monitoring the Real-time Performance of Serverless Computing in Major Public CloudsMuhammad ShahzadFall 2020
04-ncsu-06Real Time Video Anomaly Detection with Applications to Social Distancing and Security MonitoringRaju VatsavaiFall 2020
04-ncsu-07Automated Data Tracking for Real Time Analytics PlatformsWilliam EnckFall 2020
06-ncsu-01Fingerprinting IoT Devices at Real Time using Encrypted TrafficAnupam DasSpring 2021
06-ncsu-02Resource Protection in Cloud Data Centers Through Multi-Point Traffic ShapingMuhammad ShahzadSpring 2021
06-ncsu-04Detecting and forecasting extreme weatherLian XieSpring 2021